House Rules

The breakfast can from 8:00 - 10:00 to be taken.         

The rooms can generally accepted 13:00 to 7:00 p.m. Columns: 1  will. Earlier arrivals Feel free to vote with us.  

The room must be us on departure day from 10:00 am available again, so that we can prepare them for the next guests. 

From 22:00 night's sleep should be considered for the benefit of all guests, both in the rooms and in the public areas. 

In case of damage or contamination of the building or inventory of the damage is to replace by the polluter. Compensation payments must be made immediately in cash. 

Please clean the kitchen immediately after it has been used. Pans and dishes must be cleaned by hand and give back. 

Igniting candles and other combustible materials in the rooms is prohibited 

The cooking or heating of food in the rooms is not allowed. For this, there is a fully equipped kitchen with available. 

The pets are not allowed in the house. 

The night house of strangers is prohibited.   When leaving the room, the windows and doors must be closed and switch off all devices.

Likewise, we ask you to close the door at the entrance in the house. 

Please note that smoking in the house.  

Polluted footwear please the entrance park. Wet clothes not in the room aufhängen.Dafür is a boiler room available.