Engedeyer Buttnmandl

As a relic from the Celtic period and through the Holy Nikolaus Christianized, pull in Advent wild, glockenbehängte figures in fur and straw, called Kramperl and Butt Mandl, by the Berchtesgaden valley. By buttn - rattling or shaking - great bells, originally the wintry nature should be raised at this early point in time. The Butt Mandl are involved in long, threshed straw while Kramperl are wrapped in fur. Masks made of animal fur or wood and large, around the waist tied bells complete the terrifying appearance. Butt Mandl and Kramperl carry a rod with him, the so-called "rod of life" that can be felt with a blow to the legs. The Christian Nikolaus wears clothes of a bishop. The Butt Mandl skiing takes place in the district Loipl on 1 Advent, in Winkl on 2 Advent at dusk and in Maria Gern on Christmas Eve afternoon. On December 5 and 6, one can observe the hustle and bustle in the late afternoon in the other towns and Gnotschaften around Berchtesgaden.